We love our new little puppy! Sunny Acres provided a great experience and appreciate the good communication and quality of puppy. We love little Gracie! Our new toy/miniature poodle

Daniel and Katie Huyard are incredibly caring exceptional breeders and we
are so blessed by having found them. They are the best breeders if anyone is
looking for gorgeous loving dogs.  Maisy has been a
source of great joy in our lives!
Bless you and thank you Katie and Daniel! This is a five star Breeder we
couldn’t recommend more highly!

Our amazing journey towards getting our sweet puppy with Sunny Acres Kennel has been magical. We had been looking for a toy poodle for a while and knew that when we were in a position to take in a newborn, the right one would appear. And it did! Our daughter’s 12th birthday was April 1st. We live in Nyack, NY and planned a trip to Hershey Park to ride the rides and look at puppies in the Lancaster county area. I connected with owner, Katie Huyard, who let us come out and see a litter of 4 week old puppies that were not yet ready to leave. We bonded with these tiny sweethearts but fell in love with one with a cute reddish nose. Four weeks later, we went back to this wonderful Amish home and picked up our baby who we named Nova! It has only been a few days but our little bundle of joy has changed our lives. She follows us everywhere, drapes herself over us, and doesn’t really cry unless we put her in the crate at night…which breaks my heart, but I could not continue sleeping on the floor next to her! While some people have critized us for not rescuing an animal at the pound, we knew we wanted a hypoallergetic, small, toy poodle who we could raise from birth…and you know what, it was worth every penny! Thank you!

Amazing experience. Got a toy poodle for my family and easy process with trustworthy people. Our puppy is healthy and happy. Would recommend completely!