Puppy Shipping Services You Can Trust

We offer shipping by air or ground. Once you (the customer) decide that you want a puppy, we will give you a price for the shipping or you can also come to our house to pick the puppy up. We also allow you to come and see the puppies here, but please schedule a time prior to arriving, so we can make sure we are available.. We have a family with children, and we are busy at times, so we ask that you limit the time to an hour or less.


Can I Get Updated Information / Photos?

Our website is updated regularly so that you may have the most recent information available. Puppies get photos taken every 1–2 weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on our site for updated pictures of your new puppy!!

Please be advised, if you pick up your puppy at our facilities (or in the state of PA), we must charge 6% sales tax on your puppy.

Pictures, testimonials and any info about your puppy/dog are always welcome and appreciated.