Our Puppy Health Guarantee

Sunny Acres Kennel cares about the health of your new furry friend. We take great care in choosing our parents and their puppies are given the best veterinary care as soon as their cute little paws touch Mother Earth.

The puppy comes with:

  • A two-year genetic health guarantee
  • A five-pound bag of dog food that the puppy is being fed here.
  • Will be micro-chipped.
  • Will be well socialized with children and other dogs.
  • We will be available to answer your new pet questions as they arise.
  • Will be ACA registered and you will get an email from ACA with training tips.
  • We estimate to the best of our ability the size, color, and hair types of our puppies based on their parents, but we cannot guarantee your pup will mature to a specific size, have a particular coat type, or stay a specific color. All our puppies are kept up to date on vaccinations and parasite prevention/control as long as they are with us

Your puppy is guaranteed to be in perfect health when you receive it. If your puppy is sick, please contact our kennel immediately and we will thoroughly discuss your puppy’s ailments and methods of treatment. We want you to be completely satisfied with your puppy, so if he or she becomes ill within 14 days after purchase, we will help in every way possible.

Our puppies are guaranteed for 14 days against infectious diseases and 2 years against genetic defects or diseases. If your puppy is determined by a licensed veterinarian to have a genetic disorder, the breeder will reimburse the cost of the treatment (up to the purchase price of the puppy). The breeder assumes no direct responsibility for any medical expenses.

Healthy Puppies for Sale – Guaranteed!

Sunny Acres Kennel is dedicated to healthy breeding practices and only provides the healthiest of puppies for sale for our customers. Our dogs are tested every year for heritable diseases and we maintain all AKC health clearances.

You can feel confident choosing a puppy for sale from Sunny Acres Kennel knowing your new family member will be healthy and happy.

The puppy should be vet checked within ten days by a licensed veterinarian and the breeder is not responsible for any injuries after purchase. The breeder is not responsible for any healthcare unless it is covered under the health guarantee.

Sunny Acres Kennel’s Breeder Health Guarantee

For over a decade, Sunny Acres Kennel has been dedicated to raising healthy, happy puppies for sale. We make sure all of our dogs and puppies are well cared for in a clean and safe environment before we send them to healthy homes.

We know that when you adopt a puppy from us, they instantly become part of the family. So if something were ever to go wrong with them, you would care for them as you would any other loved one! This is why we offer our puppy health guarantee.